Making Effective Use Of A Traffic Exchange

Attention Opportunity Seekers!

A look inside the guts of a traffic exchange.

-by Brian Holte

What are traffic exchanges?
Trafficexchanges are used by 100,000 + people who are interested in the samegoals as you are, marketing your product and services.

How do traffic exchanges work?
Simply put, a group of people (myself included) who agree to surf and view pages created by other people.

What benefits do traffic exchanges bring you?
The first way is in Traffic Exchange Programs, brings people who are interested in what product or service you have to offer.

What is a down line?
A down line is where you have the opportunity to increase traffic toyou site by having others sign in under you and promote your servicefor you without any extra work on your part.

How to build down lines?
Thereare no magical ways to increase your down lines except by uploadingyour article and waiting for it to be spidered by the search engines.

Yourbest bet is to pick 2 traffic generating articles, and you also need aspider to crawl your site. It’s always better to let the spiders findyour pages on their own.

How many levels do you get credit for?
Most Traffic Exchanges have a down line of 7 or so, needless to say the possibilities are there for continued growth

What kind of traffic exchange programs works best?
Well,that all depends on your personal needs. There are 2 different types ofways you could go about it, continue to use the free version of theprogram you have picked until you have a big enough down line. Once youhave a half decent down line under you, you might want to upgrade Proso you receive more benefits than the guy who chooses the Free version(like money and freebies).

What can you do to improve traffic to your site?
Picktwo favorite programs that you’ve come to trust and work them (don’tget discouraged, keep plugging away), submit those articles to articleannouncement groups, send a notice out to your subscribers letting themknow about your traffic exchange programs

Don’tbe a Rabbit by jumping from one program to another, decide on whichprograms you’re interested in and stick with them, promote yourbusiness, continue to do what works for you. Traffic Exchanges can be agreat resource if you put in just a few minutes extra a day.

•Traffic Swarm or
•Fly-in-Ads or
•BOTH (recommended)

Test Your Headlines Using Traffic Exchange Programs

About the Author

Brian Holte is the owner of and frequent user of both traffic exchanges listed above.

Written by: Brian Holte



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