Link Exchanges Bring Qualified Traffic

Next to search engines, link exchanges arethe best way to entice new, pre-qualified traffic to a web site. Beloware seven tips for planning a solid link-exchange strategy.

1. Plan for the long term.Link exchanges will give you great results if you continually work atthem. There is NO proven quick fix for getting quality links to yoursite. While there are programs that can help you with the process,nothing beats going to a site, looking it over, and then writing apersonal email asking to exchange links. Recommend where you would liketo be placed on a site. They might not put you there, but at least thiswill let them know that you were at their site.

2. Track your exchanges ina spreadsheet or database. Develop a system of keeping track of whereyou have requested a link and when and if it was placed. Keeping trackof link exchanges can get confusing after a while. Having a trackingsystem in place will help.

3. Use Yahoo, LookSmart,and Google to start looking for places to exchange links. Begin bydoing searches on your own site's prime key phrases. Find sites thatare related to your industry yet are non-competing. A shoelace sitewould be a good exchange with a shoe distributor, for example. If asite is ranking well for your key phrases on these major engines,having a link here is going to increase the value of your site in theeyes of all the other engines. This will also lead to a nice amount oftraffic.

4. Consider programs to help you with the process. Two programs that can save you some time are Zeus at and 2bpop at programs help you search for and organize related sites and thenenable you to contact them for link exchanges. These tools can be bigtime savers. But don't fall into the trap of creating hundreds ofboilerplate emails that say nothing of interest to the prospective siteowner. Always create individualized emails.

5. If you want to reallyincrease your chances of a link exchange, call the person in charge ofthe site. Emails can be a bit superfluous especially from a stranger.But a phone call can often give your request a bit more weight.

6. Make your links pageeasy to access from the rest of your site. If your links page is hardto find or not linked from the rest of your site, it will decrease yourchances of persuading someone to want to exchange links. Make yourlinks page attractive, organized and a valuable resource for yourvisitors. There is concern about providing links to other sites becausethis encourages people to leave your site. The value you will receivefrom exchanged traffic and becoming a centralized resource for yourindustry far outweighs the loss of visitors. If your site is setupcorrectly, the visitor will have accomplished your most wanted responsebefore they ever go to your links page.

7. The big secret to linkexchanging... join an affiliate program and pay people to send youtraffic. You can set up a program that will give a site owner a certainamount of money (usually between $.05-$.10 per click) for every visitorthey send your way. Using a program like this in conjunction with theabove steps is going to really help your exposure. There are manycompanies that offer these services. Some are managed by you and someare managed by the company. Choosing the right service depends on manyvariables. Some such services are:
Commission Junction:

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