Lead Generation Using Traffic Exchanges

Leads have always been thelifeblood of any business. If you have no leads, you have no business.Everyone knows that, but the thing killing everybody out there is howto get leads for your business without going broke in the process.

There are many ways todrum up business, but the focus of this article is the use of viraltechniques you can use to create leads for your business.

Viral marketing comesin many shapes and sizes, but the best way to get started with viralmarketing fast is to use traffic exchanges.

The problem thatpeople run into with traffic exchanges is they try to use someself-replicated website, thinking that if they just show the pageenough, someone will buy.

Sorry, but thisdoesn't work. I have used traffic exchanges for years, and I can tellyou straight up that they work and work for one purpose only: LEADGENERATION.

So, how do you use traffic exchanges for lead generation?

It's actually quite simple. All you have to do is set up a simple page like this with an opt-in box.


You have the right tocopy this page if you want. Just right click on the page, and you willsee the menu pop up. From there, click on Source or View Page Source,and you can copy and paste that HTML and modify it with your details.

You will also need anautoresponder service to handle your leads. I highly recommend SendFreefor this purpose. They have a free 30-day trial on their PremiumService, which is nice because you will need a little time to startgetting leads for your list.

Now, go and find some traffic exchanges and promote that lead generation page in those exchanges.

This works. Itabsolutely works like a charm. We get lots of subscribers using thispage with exchanges. However, it's a bit tiring to use the exchangesEXCEPT MillionDollarTraffic. This the best exchange we have usedbecause the pages simply pop up for you.

Here is an Action Plan you can use to help you get started getting your own leads from MDT.


Each time you closethe special browser, you get credits to show your page. The conversionrate on this kind of exchange, which I believe is the first of its kindat the time of this writing, is much better than timer-based exchanges.

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