Intro To The Traffic Exchanges

Even if you've been marketing on the internet for only a very short time you've no doubt come across'traffic exchanges'. The number of exchanges out there is staggering, so if you need to know what these things are all about read on.

A traffic exchange is a system where in return for viewing the websites of others you will get credits for hits to your own sites. There are several differenttypes of exchanges:

The 'surf exchange' or'start page exchange': The names are synonymous and they are by far themost predominant type of traffic exchange. The user is required to veiwa web page in their browser for a set amount of time before clicking toearn credit and move on.

'Auto surfing': Like above but the pages change and credit is received without user interaction.

Pop-up exchanges: Withthese the web page will 'popup' at set intervals or or events. You willneed to view the window for a set time before closing and receivingcredit. These will usually require a small program to be downloaded andrun on the users computer.

Now that you know whatthey are you need to know what they're made of. These are the thingsyou will need to consider when comparing the different exchanges. The'surf ratio' is how many pages you'll veiw before one of yours isdisplayed. These can be from 1:1 to 5:1 but are usually somewhereinbetween. Many sites will also give bonus credits or run promotionsfor credits. Some will also give credit for sending traffic to yourreferral page. All of these will combine to determine how many creditsyou actually get for surfing.

You can also getcredit for referring others to the exchanges. You will receive apercentage of the credits earned by the referral, usual this will goseveral levels deep.

You will always berequired to view the pages for a set amount of time. This variesbetween exchanges and usually ranges between 10 and 30 seconds. Forsurf exchanges you will need to click to proceed. Often the spot toclick will change or you will need to click a certain number or symbolthis is to help insure that a script or the like isn't being used tocheat the system. If an exchange doesn't have some kind of anti-cheatsystem it's probably being cheated.

There is often theoption of joining the traffic exchanges as a paid member. The benefitsof this could be a number of monthly credits, better surf ratio, morereferral credits and other special offers. And of course if you dontlike surfing, credits are usually offered for sale by the trafficexchanges.

These are the thingsyou will need to look at when comparing traffic exchanges. There arehundreds out there with new ideas based on these principals appearingevery day. Below are a few of my favorite traffic exchanges. Each usesa different system for you to compare.

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