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I like traffic exchange programs! But you probably already knew that if you read my first article about this theme: Traffic Exchange Programs – Are they worth your time?.

Why do you like them?”, you might ask. They are notthe most effective way of advertising, they are not all quite cheatproof and they sure are not very targeted; 3 mayor flaws they sharewith most other types of free advertising. And yes, that’s all verytrue, BUT traffic exchange programs are free (mostly), you can dothings to make them more effective and what if your target group isprone to use traffic exchange programs as well and it fits yourbusiness strategy? What if you are a beginner and you just need tostart somewhere? What if you have a new site that just needs someinitial traffic?

Of course your strategy should not be entirelybuild upon the use of traffic exchange programs, but if you have thetime, why not take some advantage of them? Use a multi page browser,take heed of the following advise and if you enjoy surfing, theseprograms are right for you!

Strategic considerations

Questions you should ask yourself are: What is your business strategy? What is your target group?

Agood strategy for beginners is to try to sell high ticket products in aniche market. The efforts and costs of selling a high ticket productare quite the same as trying to sell a low ticket, cheap product, sowhy not start with high ticket products? If this is your strategy, youwould be wasting your time with traffic exchange programs.

Ibelieve that most people that are surfing these programs are notinterested in this kind of products. They are more likely interested inlow ticket products and free offers. They are most likely interested inmarketing tools (auto responders and such), free traffic, downlinebuilders, new opportunities and programs.

My businessstrategy is largely build around getting downlines and targeted atpeople with lots of time but who are not willing to invest a lot ofmoney. This is a very slow and long term strategy and does not involvea lot of actual selling. Traffic exchange programs are a good place tostart recruiting. People who surf these programs expect to see ads fornew opportunities and programs, downline builders, free ebooks, toolsetc.

Normally I do not promote the idea of using your home pagefor traffic exchange programs or to use auto surf programs, but thereare exceptions. When you have a new site and want some initial traffic,sign up for a few programs and benefit from the start bonuses. When youhave a new page (offer) or site and you are not interested in PageRank, you could use auto surf programs to get your ticker starting andget some traffic (but never do this with your main site!).

How long do you need to surf?

How much do you need to surf for credits? Well, there are people sayingthat you need to surf at least one hour per day! That would be thepeople who are in your upline I suppose. Actually, I do not have arecommendation for the time you should spend, that's totally up to you,but can I tell you how I do it? At this very moment, writing thisarticle, I have 4 programs running and I am playing a bit of solitaire.Point is that I am running a special offer at this moment and I needsome extra credits, so when I stop writing for a while, I continuesurfing for credits.

Mostly I surf when I feel like it andhave no other urgent matters at hand. Or when I am doing something andneed something else to distract me for a little while or when I needsome fresh ideas. I surf in bursts, only with a few programs at thetime and try to get the credit ticker running to get some of the biggerbonuses. surfing too many programs at the same time isn’t thateffective and seems a lot like working, and I try to avoid that.Typically I surf traffic exchange programs when I feel like it and thatis about 2 or 3 times a week for about 1 to 3 hours. And I get a lot ofbonuses this way (extra free traffic).

What kind of Traffic Exchange Programs?

Thereare so many of them, so which should you join? Well, I would beinclined to say that you should just join those that appeal to you (asthose are likely to appeal to others as well). But there are a fewthing you could or should take into consideration.

First ofall they should have a good anti cheat system. Most manual trafficexchanges have rather good anti cheat systems nowadays.

Thetimer, or the time to show the sites before you can go to the next siteshould not be too short. People should have the time to see your ad.

The bonus system should really benefit the heavy surfers with lavish bonuses.

Ilike traffic exchanges with lots of extra features (for playing a gamewhile surfing, to change banner credits for site credits, a siterotator, free ebooks or other offers, chat room, bribes and that sortof things).

You will need to be able to pause your sites frombeing shown or there should be a mechanism to assign only a certainpercentage of your credits for displaying your pages.. Sometimes youwill need extra bursts of advertising and you should be able to buildup a reserve amount of credits.

A strong pro would be if theyhave the ability to specify your target group or market a little moreand provide an option to display your pages to certain categories ofvisitors.

The sites they show should appeal to you andshould be changing a lot. Sometimes I am surfing programs and I keepseeing the same sites over and over again. Not a good sign!

Give Them a KISS Ad

Thedesign of your page or ad should be as simple as possible. No jokes, nopictures, no music etc., just plain text html. I am a firm believer ofthe KISS principle (Keep It Short and Simple) and dealing withtraffic exchange programs, that is just a MUST. My most successful adsare just simple sign up forms (with little more) or a plain text pagewhere I invite people to push the button (that opens in a new window)“to learn more about ..”. They load super fast, are short and to thepoint. People can actually see what the page is about while they arelooking for the “next” button.

Rotate your pages

Rotateyour pages and ads in time and space! Use the program site rotator torotate your offers or sites. In your hosting statistics you can seewhich rotator actually sends you traffic and which don’t. Try outdifferent offers on the different program rotators and see which workwhere and which don’t. Rotate the offers and rotate the rotators andkeep track of them. Don’t let the same offer run too long on the sameexchange program, because it will become less and less effective. Ifyou promote an opportunity or program, let the ad run for about twoweeks, take it away and rerun it after a month or so!

Long term campaigns

Supposeyou are a member of a MLM or multi-tier affiliate program and you wantto build up your downline. You could of course just keep sending youraffiliate page to the traffic exchanges (and there are a lot of peoplewho do just that!) but that way, you will probably not be verysuccessful.

Build your own site featuring your opportunity andsend teasers to the traffic exchange programs to lure them intovisiting your site. Prominently on your home page (or using a pop up,although I hate those) you should place your opt-in form and yourpersonal recommendation for that program. You will have all the time ofthe world (so to speak) to try out different offers, teasers, wordingand formatting of your ads. You should find enough material for thosewith your affiliate program, if not, you are probably in the wrong one.

Short term campaigns

Sometimesyou will be send an offer that seems to be to good to be true (orsomething like that) and you will want to fire from all ports toadvertise it. Hopefully you have build up some reserve credits so youcan take the internet by storm!

Well, it happens to us all andit is good to be prepared for such an event. Being fast and being thefirst are always good tactics in these. Pause all the other pages inyour rotators and feature the new offer and bombard the programs for afew days. If it is a good offer for the kind of people who surf thetraffic exchange programs, it should actually work quite nicely! Youcould even consider joining a few other exchange programs, if only fortaking advantage of the initial free credits you will be allotted.

Pro or Contra

Actually,there is a lot more to say about traffic exchange programs and you willalways see people fervently in favor or in contra. When you startreading about them or even investigating the theme, you will soon seewhy. Take a look at their background and their site. That will tell youenough. Somebody who is interested in downlines and cheap tools mightfavor them, someone selling advertising or mainly concerned with searchengine optimization will generally not favor them. I just plainly likethem, and as they fit my general strategy, I frequently use them.. Andmaybe you will permit me a last word about free advertising.

FFA,or free for all pages are definitely out of the question. They are noteffective and even can be harmful to your site. Safelist were quite analternative until recently, but since the appearance of automaticsubmitters, they have gone down considerately in effectiveness(although there still remain some opportunities out there). Andprobably the best way of free advertising is “targeted freeadvertising”, but I will leave that subject for another article!

Iam not saying here that traffic exchange programs are the answer to allyour prayers or even the most effective way of advertising, but theysure can give a starting marketer a break. Any questions or comments?Drop me a line!

Written by: Martin Thomassen



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