Getting The Most From Traffic Exchanges

Ifyou are a new to web site promotion or an experienced campaigner, youshould include Traffic Exchanges as part of your marketing plan.

When you join a Traffic Exchange you agree to surf other peoples pages and in return, they will surf yours.

Trafficexchanges have been around for a while now, with the largest onesnumbering subscribers in the tens of thousands. So submitting yourwebpage to a Traffic Exchange will potentially give it exposure to alarge number of people.

There are basically two types ofexchanges, manual surf and auto surf. With the manual surf exchange youclick through websites. The Autosurf site presents pages to youautomatically without the need to click.

Some of the advantages of Traffic Exchanges are as follows:

1. A cheap and often free method of sending traffic to your website. This can help with your page rank

2. The traffic you generate arrives almost instantly

3.Some exchanges allow the surfer to choose an ad which is associatedwith pages they view. This is a good way of testing your copy beforeyou spend money placing it in the outside world.

4. Most trafficexchanges allow you to build a down line by referring others to them.You usually get credit for their activity, and over time your trafficbecomes almost solely generated by the efforts of others.

5. Youwill be exposed to a lot of products and services you wouldn’t normallysee, which means you will have a better appreciation of your market andyou will pick up some good ideas about promoting your product.

There are some downsides too:

Thepeople surfing these programs are mainly interested in promoting theirown page – not looking at yours. This means that you will need togenerate a lot more hits for each sale.

When you start out you can spend long hours generating traffic from your own surfing.

Here are some suggestions for getting the most out of Traffic Exchanges:

1. Join the big ones. You will get your page to a wider audience if you do

2. Join manual surf exchanges. Your page is more likely to be read.

3. Find one with a surf ratio of 2:1 or better. What this means is that for every 2 pages you surf your site is viewed once.

4.Join one where you get credit (clicks/money) for the activity of thoseyou have referred. This allows you to generate lots of free traffic asyou refer more and more people

5. Join one that’s been aroundfor a while. Your going to put a lot of work into growing your clientbase here, if they have been in business for a while (more than 2years) they have a better chance of lasting the next two.

6.Join as a free member first, until you understand enough about theprogram to decide if the paid benefits are worth your while.

7.Join two programs (but no more) to begin with. This way you canallocate some of your traffic to promoting each exchange to the otherscustomer base. In this way you will grow your down line and the amountof traffic you get for free.

8. Join at least one which allowsthe surfer to choose the pages they view by selecting an ad associatedwith the page. This will give you a valuable insight to theeffectiveness of you ad copy. Trafficswarm is run this way.

9.Take advantage of your surfing time. Take note of the pages you viewand the reasons that that made it attractive or not to you.

10.The pages you select to promote must convey their message at a glanceand ideally should contain a free offer (Ebook, Ezine sign up). Yourobjective should be to encourage the surfer to find out more, settingup a future sale

With this information you will get the morevisitors and customers to your website. Over time you Traffic Exchangeprogram will feed itself to provide free traffic forever.

Here’s to your success!

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