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Reading the postings in different Newsgroups it becomes clear that the"It does not work for me.." statements come from one very clear reason:not enough Traffic. To be more accurate, it is "not enough *targeted*Traffic".

The Ability to generate targeted and low cost Traffic is crucial for the success of every internet business.

Well, what is "enough Traffic" ? Let´s take some minutes to analyze the traffic needs in detail.

Let´ssay you would have a single business opportunity that you would like toadvertise. This opportunity allows you to earn 10$ per Sale.

Furthermore you would like to earn 500$ in month from this opportunity alone. So would need 50 sales during this period.

Inorder to determine the number of clicks (traffic) you will need, youneed to know the conversion rate of your opportunity. This rate itselfwill depend on how targeted your traffic is. In order to make it easy,let´s assume your conversion rate is 4%, meaning that 4% of yourpotential buyers will purchase your product/opportunity etc.

Thismeans that from 100 Clicks, you will get 4 sales. So you need 25 Clicksin order to make a sale (100/4). This is in fact a good conversionrate! Usually you will have such high conversions only for free stuffor by having an extremly well targeted traffic.

Considering that you wish to have 50 sales in a month, you will need thus 1250 Clicks per month.

If your conversion rate would be 0.4 % instead of 4%, you would need 10 times more, 12.500 Clicks per month.
So the next question would be where do you obtain such traffic (compare next section).

In Reality, the number of Clicks to perform a sale (conversion rate), depends from the "Quality" of the Traffic itself.

Let´sconsider an advertiser of Food for Cats starts an advertising campaignsending an Ad to everybody. Obviously for "non cat owners", the Ad isabsolutely irrelevant. May be some people will click to the ads forcuriosity, but their clicks will seldom lead to sales. The "Traffic"would be of low quality, since it is not "targeted" enough. Instead, ifthe Ad is placed in an electronic magazine for Cat Owners, he will needa considerable lower number of clicks to perform sales, since theTraffic is more "targeted" and thus, has a higher quality.

Thisis a simple, but very important point. Thus, "Traffic Providers"promising to send "10.000 Clicks" will lead with high probability tonowhere, since the traffic is highly "untargeted".

Free Advertising

Oneeasy source of free traffic are Free Ads. Just type inGoogle (just scroll this page down to find a Google Search) "FreeClassifieds" to find hundreds of free Ad sources.
I personally use
US-Free Ads
, since they are free and offer multiple helpful options, like Tracking, Add a Picture, Paypal Button and so on.
A free Account can be obtained

FreeAdvertising using Free Classifieds can be a very time consuming taskand the results are overestimated at the beginning. It is recommendedto consider the option to buy "featured" Ads to reduce the manualeffort and maximize the results.

You may need to submit your Ad to a high number of free ad providers to get really a reasonable number of clicks.

FreeClassifieds have the inconvenience that the Ads are scrolled down assoon as new Ads are submitted. Thus the visibility and Click Rate aresignificantly reduced.

AdLandPro offers an hourly resubmissionservice that avoids that problem. Additionally the Ads are submitted tohundreds of Free Classified Websites.

A free AdLandpro account can be obtained

Traffic Exchanges

Anadditional source of Free Traffic are Traffic Exchanges. The workingprinciple is similar: you provide traffic (i.e. by setting anespecialWebsite as your Homepage in the Browser) and you get backtraffic from other users doing the same. Usually you get Traffic inRatio 1:2, this means you need to provide two page views to get onefree page view for your business.

This sounds simple but is verypractical: let´s assume you have a business selling food for pets.Obviously you are not interested to views websites related with otherpeople trying to sell you the same. But on the other side you may beinteresting to see other websites about Health&Nutrition. So youwill get (=traffic exchange) Advertising from this Genre if your areinterested to do so and exchange traffic for your Pet business.

Themore people use Traffic Exchanges, the more views you will get to yourbusiness. Furthermore, you will get additional page views (=traffic) byreferring new customers. Most of the Traffic Exchanges Systems providealso PRO Memberships, where you get paid if someone you havereferred upgrade himself to PRO.

Traffic Exchanges have also abig advantage in comparison with Pay-Per-Click engines: the "cost"of the traffic does not increase with the number of advertisers.

Thereare hundreds of Traffic Exchanges in the Web. I personallyrecommend to choose one of the "TOP 10 Traffic Exchanges" testedby TrafficHoopla

Thiscompany performs regular tests of the most popular Traffic Exchangessystems on the Net and publish the results in their website.

AllTraffic Exchanges allow the option to refer new members. It isimportant for every provider to increase the number of "clickers" toincrease the number of clicks to be distributed among the community.For every new member, you will receive a number of "credits" to be usedwith your own advertising.

In the last months, a new Traffic Exchange provider started using a complex system to distribute credits calling "syndicates". Traffic Syndicate 25organize the participants in "Syndicates". Every Syndicate has the samenumber of participants. The "top 10" of every syndicate (measured bythe number of surfed pages) goes one Syndicate "up", receiving trafficfrom all syndicates bellow. This ingenious system allows to build"downlines" without really referring new participants, just byincreasing the own relative position through intensive surfing.

Viral Increase of Traffic

Ihad mentioned that you can "earn" additional Traffic by referring newusers to your favorit Traffic Exchange.  The interesting aspect ofTrafficHoopla is that you can join several TrafficExchanges andadvertise them with your unique TrafficHoopla URL.  

Thementioned URL can be advertised also in your favoriteTraffic Exchange programm. So the more you advertise this URL, themore people you refer to this system and thus, the more referrals youget in other Traffic Exchanges you had joined via TrafficHoopla. Theresult is a "Viral" increase of traffic. With some time you willhave enough Traffic to advertise your Business Opportunity. Once youget enough referrals, it is recommended to join the PRO Version ofyour program in order to get paid and earn a 2nd stream of income.

For more information visit the TrafficHoopla Website, which can be found under the url:


Withthe increase of SPAM Complains Internet Marketers started to lookfor alternatives how to send mails without being accused as spammers.
A"Safelists" is as the name says, a large "opt-in" list where theparticipants agreed explicitely to receive e-mails from the otherparticipants.

You can send "safe" e-mails to all participants ofa safelist, on the other side you agree to receive also advertisingfrom them.
For that purpose, you wil ned to enter two (validated) e-mail addresses:

1) your "Contact" e-mail: here the Safelist Administrator can contact you for administrative purposes

2) your "List" e-mail, here you will receive a high number of advertisement.

Thenumber of e-mails you are allowed to send depend on the kind ofmembership you have (free or "pro") and from the terms of use of eachlist. Usually you can send e-mails every 24h/48h or every seven days.

The"free" option of the safelist contains some restrictions, i.e. thefrequency of e-mailing is reduced or the number of recipients isrestricted.
"pro" members do not have such restrictions and reach usually more participants of the list.
Some lists offer "credits" to read mails, some others pay for reading mails of the advertisers.

Are Safelists effective?

Bydefault, consider that the majority of the recipients will not readyour mails. You will need to use list with a very high number ofparticipants (5000-50.000) to get some results.
"paid" Safelists aremore responsive as "free" Safelists, since the participants arenormally experienced marketers willing to pay for good results, so theymay buy something from you if you can wake their attention (by agood, new product ).
Do not waste your time using Safelists with few hundred members.

Thee-book "Carbon Copy Marketing" from Mike Filsaime contains good tipsand tricks how to use Safelists effectively. Check it by CBMALL

You will find the "top 5 Safelists" in

Top Lists are :

- The Business World List(47.000 Members)

- The "Hercules"  list (32.000 Members)

- The Cash4You list (20.000 Members)

Ofcourse there are hundred of other Safelists. The lists are mentionedhere have been used for the promotion of this website with good results.

Lastbut not least, using Safelists you will get a very high number ofe-mails to your "list" e-mail address. Be prepared for that.

FFA Posting (Free-For-All Pages)

The use of "Free-For-All" Pages (FFA´s) is one of the most controversal discussed topics in Internet Marketing.

Theprinciple of the FFA´s pages is very simple: everybody has theright to put a small Ad in the Internet. The Ads are displayedusing the "first come first serve" principle. The more Ads are beingposted after a given submission, the lower the position of the Ad, tillit disappears completely.

Furthermore a FFA users agrees to receive advertising e-mails from other users.
Experienced Internet Marketers warns about the use of this Advertising media, since useless.

Thereality is that, if used wisely, FFA´s can be an effective marketingtool and provide good amount of traffic with low (or zero) costs.The difference consists in the way FFA Pages are being used.

Insteadposting to FFA Pages, it is possible to host own FFA websites. By"hosting instead posting", the game is inversed. Instead receivingmails from other users, the FFA Owners is sending mails toFFA Users. The e-mails are "Spam Free", since FFA users agreed toreceive advertising as a small "price" to use the FFA for Free.

It is relatively easy to host an own FFA Website. An example can be observed here:
FFA Submission

A good example of a well organized FFA Hosting Website is AdSaturation. This provider offers a Free and a Gold-Membership.

Freeusers can host their own FFA Website and can send e-mails toeveryone who posted an Ad through this FFA Site. Gold Usersinstead, can send e-mails to FFA users of the complete network.Additionally, a good Analysis-Tool is provided.

A main advantage of AdSaturation users is that they get paid to read the e-mails send by Gold (or "Money Mail") users.

More information can be obtained in the Website of this provider, which can be found using the following Url:

The principle exposed here is analyzed and discussed in more detail in the BestSeller
"Secrets of the Big Dogs"
, from Stan Stuchinski.

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